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Kiki J. is Spanked for Staying Up Too Late
Kiki is taken OTK and spanked for staying up past her bedtime. Her bottom is red and sore, and she is put in time out for...
Kenzie is interviewed and Spanked with the Belt
Kenzie is interviewed by Mr. M and then is bent over and spanked hard over her jeans with a belt.
Kestrel is Paddled in the Living Room
Kestrel straddles the arm of the couch and is given a fast paddling over her jeans.
Stevie is Paddled by the Principal
Stevie is bent over and paddled hard over her short shorts.
Devon is Late Again (Part 2 of 2)
Devon arrives to the living room the following morning for the second part of her punishment for coming home late. Her...
Strapped by Miss Betty
Kiki J. is bent over, breasts exposed and she is strapped on the jeans, panties and bare bottom by Miss Betty.
Mila is Exposed and Strapped
Mila's breasts are exposed and she is then strapped on the jeans, panties and bare bottom by Miss Betty.
Spanked with the Spoon
Mr. M gives Stevie a very severe spanking with a wooden spoon over her shorts and panties, and then ends it on her bare...
Voyeur: Devon is Late Again (part 1 of 2)
Mr. M drags Devon into the living room and applies the heavy belt to her bottom for coming home an hour and a half after...
New Model: Kiki J.
New model Kiki J. is interviewed about her kinky lifestyle and then asked to undress for her first spanking with Miss Betty.
New Model: Mila
New model Mila is interviewed by Mr. M, asked to undress and go over Miss Betty's knee for an OTK hand spanking.
Rae Spanked by Mr. M (Part 2 of 2)
Rae decides she doesnt need to stay in time out much longer and gets our of position. Mr. M finds her in her bedroom and...
Stevie Given a Hard Whoopin
Stevie is bent over and given a whoopin with a heavy belt over her jeans.
Kestrel: Paddled Over Her Jeans
Kestrel is bent over by The Principal and given a paddling over the jeans.
Abigail is Spanked at Bed Time (Part 2 of 2)
Now on all fours, Abigail is strapped hard. Leaving her bottom VERY bruised. She is then placed against the wall in time...
Rae Spanked by Mr. M (Part 1 of 2)
Rae is laid over the ottoman and given a very hard belting over her jeans. She is then put in time out with her bruised...
Kestrel Asks For a Night Out
Kestrel is currently grounded but she asks to go out to an event. Mr. M explains that he will only let her go out if she...
Paddled in the Locker Room
Syrena is bent over and paddled severely in the locker room.
Peaches Paddled
Peaches is sent to the principal, where she is bent over and paddled on her jeans.
Abigail is Spanked at Bed Time (Part 1 of 2)
Abigail is dragged into the living room, told to remover her panties and straddle the ottoman. She is hand spanked for a...
Syrena: Belt & Hand
Syrena is dragged into the room and given a major whoopin' by Mr. M.
Faces: Peaches
Peaches stares into the camera while she is spanked with a belt.
Two Girls Paddled (Part 2 of 2)
Alex then stands up, gets into position to receive her 9 swats with the paddle. Both girls are then sent on their way.
Paddled Together (Part 2 of 2)
Maya is then bent over for hard painful swats with the large school paddle. Both girls are then sent on their way.
Two Girls Paddled (Part 1 of 2)
Adriana and Alex have in school suspension for 3 days, as they opted not to take the paddling, but now they are...
Peaches Voyeur HandSpanking
Peaches is handspanked OTK before bedtime.
Paddled Together (Part 1 of 2)
Rae and Maya are sent for a paddling. Rae bends over, in her very short shorts, to receive 6 swats with the paddle.
Strapped by Mr. M
New model Hailey's breasts are bared and she is bent over for a strapping over her jeans, panties and on her bare bottom.
DropSeats and Diapers (Part 2 of 2)
Adriana then switches with Alex, bends over with her bottom bared, and braces herself for the same brutal belting. Both...
Punishment Profile: Hailey
New model Hailey is spanked OTK on the bare bottom by Miss Betty.
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